Brian Williams – Chief Executive Officer

Williams Photo

Brian has nearly 20 years of experience growing and operating small and mid-sized companies.  This has included management team, operational, financial and business development roles.

Before founding Cork Capital, Brian formed and ran a seed stage healthcare company, which he built out from its inception.  He also served as a senior advisor to two mid-sized healthcare businesses where he led strategic and market expansion initiatives.

Previously, Brian helped lead a drug development company for five years.  He was its first full time employee and held responsibility for all business and financial affairs of the company.  During this time he successfully raised over $60 million in capital for the business and built out the organization.

Earlier, he worked for two other companies where he led partnering and growth initiatives.  This included spearheading the international business expansion of his small, U.S. only employer into new markets (eventually into 90 countries).  Additional responsibilities included the establishment of key supply and distribution partnerships, the negotiation of licensing transactions, and the integration of newly acquired businesses.  He started his career in banking in the 1990s, during which time he helped close $2 billion in acquisitions for clients around the world.

Brian earned his MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University, where he obtained his degree in one year, and his BS in Finance from the University of Illinois.

He lives outside of Chicago with his wife, son and two daughters, to whom he gladly dedicates all of his free time.  Additional interests include aeronautics, scientific discovery, wine, and taking the road less traveled.

Investors & Advisors

Cork Capital’s investors include a partnership of twenty successful business operators and entrepreneurs, most of whom have served as the heads of their own mid-sized businesses.  Each member of our team is not only an investor in Cork Capital, but a valuable advisor.  An abbreviated list of some of our members’ accomplishments while running their companies include:

  • Built out a services business from 50 to 40,000 employees
  • Grew company sales from $10 million to $5 billion
  • Oversaw growth which led to the company’s IPO and subsequent $1.5 billion market capitalization
  • Managed a family-owned manufacturing business for 30 years
  • Founded multiple philanthropic foundations and organizations