My name is Brian Williams and I am the founder of Cork Capital.  I have nearly 20 years of experience growing and operating businesses.  This has included management team, operational, financial and business development roles.

While I considered starting up another company, I wanted to find a way to better apply the company scaling experience I had gained in the past.  I decided that this could best be done by leading an existing business that has the potential to be grown further.  To do that, I decided to find investors who believe in my track record and potential, raise a fund (Cork Capital) that included their capital as well as my own, identify a business with growth potential, and dedicate myself to that business for the long term.

How are you different from a corporate acquirer?

A corporate acquirer (a.k.a. a strategic acquirer) will almost always break up the acquired business by keeping the pieces it wants and dissolving the rest. In addition, ‘synergies’ are needed to justify the acquisition price, which almost always means cuts made to the people and facilities of the acquired company.

We are different in that Cork Capital will bring no redundancies to the acquired business.  In fact, the only way we can be successful is to join a high quality team, not replace them.

Separately, as an experienced business entrepreneur, I am much easier to work with and can move much faster than a large company.

How are you different from a private equity firm?

We don’t have a portfolio approach.  So we’ll be solely focused on your business.

We focus on growth.  Creating ‘value’ by cutting people or costs to improve the bottom line is not of interest to us.

We provide executive leadership.  Typically, a private equity firm will only invest if the owner of the target company is willing to work for the private equity firm for 3-5 years.  Cork Capital is the opposite; I am an experienced business leader who is qualified to take responsibility for the acquired company and has a track record of building out organizations.

Should I call a broker or banker to sell my company?

The advantage of doing so is that your business will be marketed to a wide audience. The disadvantages are that it will cost you a meaningful portion of the transaction (like a real estate broker, but much more), it will take you a year from start-to-finish, and it will be a huge distraction during that entire year for you, your management team and your employees.

Cork Capital does not charge fees of any kind and can move efficiently.  So, if you work with me, you get to keep the roughly $1,000,000 you would have paid to the banker, you save at least half a year of time and an untold amount of hassle, your business’s confidential information isn’t shared with hundreds of suitors, and your employees have a much improved and less stressful outcome.

Does Cork’s unique structure limit its flexibility?

On the contrary – we don’t have the rigidity of private equity firms nor the bureaucracy of big companies (nor the lawyers).

Why else might I consider working with Cork Capital?

My partners and I have started businesses before.  We’ve run businesses before.  We’ve exited businesses before.  We know how important it is to you to find someone who will care for the business as you have.